Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's About Time!

I created this Blogspot over 2 years ago and this is my first post!!! It's about time!
I guess I've been forced into it because my sister Brenda put a link to it on her blog...
and so as a courtesy to anyone who clicks on that link, I guess I should write something!
I had been planning to go down to St. George for Rachel's baptism this past weekend, but everything tried to keep me from getting there!
Weather forecasts of rain and snow, my daughter getting sick, all 4 tires on my car needing replacement, and just being plain old tired after finding out my little sister, Delcina decided not to go with me.
I thought with her there, it would be easier to go down and come back on the same day since there would be 2 drivers.
In any case, I loaded up and started driving Saturday morning around 10:00. I still felt very uneasy about going...and very indecisive. So what do you do in that situation? Exactly, I called my mommy!
After hearing my problems, she told me that I should probably turn around because it's not worth risking my life and the lives of my children to do this quick trip on bald tires with the possibility of getting stranded in the bad weather...but she said she would pray if we would and see if we all get the same feeling.
I kept driving and called my husband to get his input. I had him call Costco in St. George to see if they had any of my size tires in stock and I could just get them down there. Then my mom called me back, in tears, because she prayed and felt that I did need to continue on...she was crying because she didn't want us to get hurt but definitely knew that we would be kept safe and that there was a reason for us to be down there with Brenda!
That was enough to give me strength and courage to keep going! And it was worth it! I was happy to be there with Brenda since everyone else cancelled. I did end up getting a hotel because the room in Brenda's house that I had cleaned up the last time I was there was now being shared by 2 of her kids and I thought it would be a lot more fun for my kids to be able to spend some time swimming...so we ended up at our favorite hotel, Best Western Coral Hills for 2 nights. We "surprised" Brenda at church on Sunday (she said she knew I would be there). She made me come sit on the front row, so of course being fast and testimony meeting, I ended up going up, then Robbie gave the sweetest testimony and made us all cry, and it was wonderful to see Brenda go up and share her feelings about Rachel's baptism, that even though every event in the Reep Family is usually huge, this one turned out small, sweet and simple, just like Rachel!!!

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